We specialize in Education Sector Research & Consulting. We support educational institutes in setting up in the UAE through in-depth Market Research which includes surveys & interviews with the parents, prospective students and teachers in line with the KHDA & ADEC requirements

Health/Pharmaceuticals Industry

Census provides Market Research, data insight & Consulting for the Health care Industry. We provide solution through our services such as: FGDs/MGDs (Focus groups/Mini Focus groups)
Brand Strategy & Consulting
Patient Interview
Usability Testing
Competitive analysis

Automobile Industry

CENSUS Delivers Insights to automotive clients with below methodologies: Quantitative Interviews (FGDs/MGDs, CLTs, IDIs) Quantitative Interviews Strategy Research Car Clinic

HOspitality (HORECA)

Hospitality Businesses cannot expect to secure loyal customers without understanding what these customers want. It is the same with any other hospitality business. Understanding your customers ' needs, preferences, and culture will help you better understand how well your business will do.
For this purposes CENSUS provides QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE research and strategy research to enchance your customers satisfaction.

consumer goods

"Continuous improvement approach" is important in Consumer Goods Business to build advantages over time can help companies to defend market share and customer loyalty. Competition posed by smaller businesses is a significant challenge. CENSUS helps you achieve your through our services.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Product Innovation, Behavioral Research, Packaging Research,
Qualitative & Quantitative Research.


CENSUS can conduct focus groups with customers to understand their low level of awareness of the airline and to understand why they do or do not consider a destination or choose your airline.
CENSUS can continuously track and measure brand awareness for the airline's brand versus those of competitors. We also conduct customers satisfaction and focus groups.


It is always vital to do market research in manufacturing industry. For manufacturing industrial design, market research helps firms get to know their customers. Though research they can learn key facts about where the customers lives. Researchers can also learn about their spending habits. This way, a bussiness can reach the customer with their product. getting to the customers is crucial in ensuring the products success. Businesses can use quantitative, qualitative and strategy research to conduct the relevent research Also, research methods may take the form of interviews, surveys or focus group.

business to business (B2B)

B2B market research gives insight to the B2B company about products. it tells them who their clients are and what they need. But the research is only as good as the selected sample group. Businesses want to remain competitive. A robust sample group will give information on economic shifts or insight into the current market trends. The B2B companies can keep their edge with the knowledge.

retail/shoppers insight

CENSUS has the Market Research expertise to make your retail projects and operations thrive. Our consumers, focus groups, data gathering expertise, competitive intelligence solution, market analysis and unparalleled secondary research capabilities all come together to provide you with the best opportunity to excel, internationally, domestically, regionally and locally.

Information technology

CENSUS Market Research works with companies to identify the best ways information technology can benefit your business. we constantly have an ear to the ground and ever-aware of the latest technologies and methodologies in development. CENSUS has conducted extensive research with IT decision makers. We frequently conduct B2B In-DepthInterviews (IDIs) with IT thought leaders and executives.

travel & tourism

At CENSUS we travel the world conducting the kind of travel & tourism market research that is necessary to truly understand different regions, people and cultures. CENSUS provides Qualitative, Quantitative & Strategy Research. We have years of expertise and have global coverage.


CENSUS Market Research has vast experience in conducting Qualitative, Quantitative and Strategy Market Research in the Financial Services Industry. We conduct FDGs, B2B Executive Interviews, Customer Interviews, Online Communities, Mobile Ethnography and Competitive Analysis.

Insurance industry

Insurance Market Research is a vast industry, large numbers of companies are competing to provide best services to their customers. CENSUS Market Research has its expertise in conducting F2F interviews, customers satisfaction, desk research & Mystery shopping to provide best data in this ever growing industry.


The field of AgriTech is growing fast. still, there is much room for a lot more growth. research is the driving force behind the field. New ideas need research. Only then can the products be successful as well. Due to this, we conduct many research types which include qualitative, quantitative and strategy research.


Constrction market research uncovers insights into the consumer and busniess behaviour, new materials, competative landscape, and changing regulation. construction project can be large, so research based palanning and startegy are important to minimize the cost and maximize returns. CMR provides acess to stakeholders, contactor, decision makers, as a result, we often interview Engineers, architects, Home Builders, Facility Managers, City Planners, Companies and Contractors.

We advise global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities.

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